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Catch The Drip is targeted to inspire young Black listeners to become the best versions of themselves, leading healthy, happy and productive lives as co-creators of society by giving them the instructions and knowledge they need to succeed.


Catch The Drip hosts lively conversations with artists, musicians, and other popular creators about topics including overcoming the odds, personal empowerment, and what they really care about. Each week Magatte Wade and Bishop Omar will interview black celebrities and thought leaders to reveal the life lessons and success secrets that brought them fame and fortune.

Bishop Omar

Bishop Omar Jahwar is a Pastor and internationally renowned community leader dedicated to ending senseless violence, strengthening communities and promoting strong families.

His efforts to revive Urban Culture began over 20 years ago on the streets of Dallas, TX.

Magatte Wade

Magatte Wade is CEO and founder of Skin is Skin. She is a leading thinker and speaker on the subject of using business
as a solution to poverty and social issues. Magatte was born in Senegal, educated in France and Germany and was drawn to the entrepreneurial spirit of America where she came to start her career. Skin Is Skin is her new baby, focused on encouraging curiosity beyond the skin and giving everyone a chance to flourish.